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Precision T3600 BSOD (iastora.sys)

Hello Everyone,

I run Windows 10 64bit (1903) on Precision T3600 for a long time and since 13/08/2019 I am facing the problem of very often happening BSOD (each 20-30 minutes). They have different causes like: Critical process died, unexpected store exeption or DPC Watchdog violation, but last times mainly it is irql_not_less_or_equal at iaStorA.sys. 

I use SSD with Win10 + HDD with data. AHCI controller enabled.

I tried a lot of things:

  • Checking hardware, testing it with different programs
  • Updating all drivers I found (Windows device manager, Dell SupportAssist, Intel driver assistant)
  • Uninstalling some windows updates
  • Updating Intel RST driver (but my chipset is not supported - C600)
  • AV scanning of entire system (also boot sectors and RAM)
  • Changing from AHCI to ATA contoller (can't find the SSD later)

iaStorA.sys version is dated 23/06/2013. I can't find any update for it.

The dump file is not being generated, event viewer shows always 41 Kernel-Power with no further information.

Could you please try helping me with some further ideas?

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Re: Precision T3600 BSOD (iastora.sys)

There are issues with 1903 and INTEL RST.  12.9 is max I believe.



Intel® C600 Series Chipset / Intel® X79 Express Chipset

Hardware ID:
PCI VEN 8086   DEV 1D6B

I think is max for you.  If you try 13 or 14 it will either install or it will say this is not for you.  Version 15 16 17 absolutely will not install or run.



  • (Latest) DOES NOT WORK with older chipsets.






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