Problem installing windows 7 over windows 8

A while ago I installed windows 8 over the preinstalled windows 7 on my Alienware M14x. Now i'm having performance issues and driver issues and I would like to go back to windows 7. I don't have the install disc that came with my laptop. Instead I'm using another windows 7 install disc. When I installed windows 7 on my laptop it says that windows 7 can't find drivers for my hardware ( or something similar to that). I think I have the recovery partition still. Is there any way I can get windows 7 up and running?

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RE: Problem installing windows 7 over windows 8

Hi PurplePartyGator,

Since you have re-installed Windows 7, you will have install the drivers again. Please click on the links below for useful information on re-installing Windows 7 and drivers.

How to manually reinstall Windows 7 on a Dell computer: http://dell.to/15MYHsz

If you wish to restore the computer to factory settings, click on this link for steps: http://dell.to/1h5DVuU ( however, the recovery partition should not be deleted or corrupt).

If you wish to install drivers, click on this link for steps on how to download and install drivers from the Dell Support Website: http://dell.to/YyKehR

You can also check the Youtube links below:

Downloading and Installing Windows 7 Drivers in the Correct Order: http://dell.to/1asuFNR

Dell PCRestore (Factory Reset): http://dell.to/1aOpJRI

Please reply if you have further queries.

Thanks & regards,
Babita S
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RE: Problem installing windows 7 over windows 8

The problem I'm having is I can't manually install the drivers like the person in the tutorial is doing because I can't even boot into the windows 7 desktop. How would I install the drivers? On my windows 8 or would I have to use a USB or disc or something

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RE: Problem installing windows 7 over windows 8

See Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean Install of Windows 7:


Pay attention to Step 6 and Step 8 for this is likely the stage you are stuck at currently. Note you can also download a Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 .iso that will likely be more up to date than your installation media however I would prepare both SATA drivers either way.

Finally ensure that you are installing from a USB 2.0 port and not a 3.0 port as Windows 7 doesn't have inbuilt support for a USB 3.0 port. If the system has only USB 3.0 ports there will be a setting within the system BIOS to disable them.

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