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Problems accessing Dell Support Center

I currently downloaded the software and new version of Dell Suport Center version 2.1.08060. Downloaded fine and I get a icon on my desktop. But, when I click on the icon. It starts to go to Dell Support Center. Shows that itt is going into the dell Support Center and then nothing it quits. Nothing happens. Is there a way to fix it?
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Re: Problems accessing Dell Support Center

Hi Larry.   The Dell Support Center pretty much comes as is - it's basically a freebie, not a fully supported tool, so it's not really a fixable kind of program.


Best I can offer is to uninstall both the program itself (whatever bit of it might have installed) and the installer package, then download and try it again. 


Honestly though, you can live without it - it really doesn't do much for you that you can't do yourself, and it's a drag on your system - most notably it increases your boot time considerably.


EDIT:  Almost forgot.  If you have an older version of Dell Support Center, uninstall it first before trying to install the newer one. 


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