Problems with the built in LAN on e139765 Bluford Motherboard.

My girlfriend decided to bring her computer over to my place since she was running on Dial-Up and I have 10 Meg here. So we bring the computer over here and I get the modem and everything hooked up and avast, it doesn't recognize the ethernet cable. The light turn on when you put the cable into the port, but the computer doesn't connect. I went into the Network tab to view the different network devices available and all that shows up is a 56K Modem. Any ideas? I think maybe she's missing a driver or something, I'm not too hardware saavy and I don't want to risk damaging the computer by tinkering with it anymore.
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Re: Problems with the built in LAN on e139765 Bluford Motherboard.

The e139765 Bluford motherboard was used in the Dell Dimension 2400.  You can download updated drivers for the Dimension 2400 here: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen&ServiceTag=&SystemID=DIM_...=
The Dimension 2400 uses a Broadcom 4401 integrated NIC.  If you can't find the Broadcom 4401 Diagnostic Utility in Control Panel (I think that's where its located), you can download it from the above link also.
If the internal LAN card does not show up in Device Manager, you may need to reinstall the motherboard's chipset driver.
Hope this info helps.

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