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Purchasing used Dell with COA


I would like to buy a used Dell Demension 4400 XP Pro Computer.  I already own one, I like it and want a second.  I've come across many auctions that say that although the computer has no backup os, that the COA sticker is valid.

Does this mean I can use my existing os for installation? or download one from Dell?

The COA proves that a os was purchased for that computer at some point so it would not be like trying to get something for free would it?

I will spend more to get one with the backup discs if need be to avoid problems, but if it's legal and saves me some cash, GREAT!

Thanks for anyones input!

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Re: Purchasing used Dell with COA

If you have a dell xp professional disc from your existing dell dimension, you can legally use it on the one you are purchasing, only if it has an xp professional COA sticker attached to it. (Note if you really wanted you can use a dell windows 2000 professional disc aswell for xp professional downgrade rights.)

Same applies to xp home you can use an xp home disc on any dell as long as they have an xp home COA sticker attached. Same applies to all versions of vista can use the disc if appropriate COA is attached.

Vista Business and Ultimate also have downgrade rights to xp professional. I.e. can use a dell xp professional disc with a dell machine that has a vista business coa sticker.

Downgrade rights are not available for home editions.

The drivers will prob be the same but can be downloaded directly from the dell website (which is more recommended since latest revisions and can input the service tag).


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Re: Purchasing used Dell with COA

Thanks for the info.

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