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Question about clean installation of Windows 8.1 using ISO image

Hi all, (My PC was purchased in August 2015 Dell OEM with Windows 8.1 preinstalled). Ive seen the link listed under my Service Tag where there is the option to download a Windows 8.1 ISO recovery image. Ive also read that you can obtain the ISO from Microsoft. Is that ISO the same as the one  under my service tag on the Dell Support site? Which is the best one to get?

I will be installing from a USB flash drive and the instructions to create the bootable USB installation media on the Dell Support site are straight forward and easy to follow using Diskpart. Then simply Mount the image and copy all files over onto the USB flash drive. With this method am I going to have to mess around in the BIOS disabling Secure Boot etc when I insert the USB to reinstall or after tapping F12 will the USB stick be listed?  A technician took control of my PC a few months ago to do a clean install because my factory  image was corrupted. I don't know if he typed something else as well but he used Diskpart. I don't remember him disabling Secure Boot at all but Im not 100% sure what he typed in Diskpart.

Ive read a little about installing from the Windows 8.1 ISO. With UEFI boot mode I know the USB has to be formatted in FAT32 because NTFS wont work {the support site method abovedoes that).

Ive seen Windows Media Creation Tool..but Ive read that it uses NTFS so there are boot problems. Ive also seen people talking about using something called Rufus. I just want the easiest method..so confusing.

If the Dell method above works without having to Disable Secure Boot then I'll do it that way. I just don't want to have to change Secure Boot etc in BIOS

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