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Quicken and formatted CD's

I use Quicken and have for several years to keep a record of bank accounts. To backup

Quicken accounts, requires a "formatted" CD. For sometime, I used

Easy CD Creator/DirectCD in order to format a CD. It did the job (usually)

but was unstable with Windows and "intelligent" me decided to uninstall it.

Well, now I'm unable to find any "free" or "shareware" software that will format a CD.

I'm not ready to spend big bucks to purchase Roxio or Nero

(plus I'm not sure either program will format a CD) to accomplish this task.

I can't believe it's been this difficult to find a plain and simple program that will

format a CD. It appears I've reached the end of a fruitless search.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Quicken and formatted CD's

You may want to rethink your backup method.  The USB "memory key's" are much more reliable than the old Packet writing method of CD writing (direct CD, and the other versions such as Nero's InCD, Sonic DLA and the new Roxio version - drag to disc).  I have MS Money and it writes to the hard drive but I'm also able to "backup" my money file to a memory key (you always want two copies - never keep just one copy, if wherever you keep the one copy has a problem all is lost).  You can buy multiple gigabyte memory keys cheap.


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Re: Quicken and formatted CD's

Beneteau, here's a free burner program that may do want you need.  Deep Burner Free:



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Re: Quicken and formatted CD's

I found that CDRW's are really not that stable, so I use my SD card for backups of my Quicken. My M1730 has a built in card reader, but before I got this machine, I used a Flash Drive. Works great and is a cheaper alternative to buying and burning CDRW's.

Rodney Ulanowicz

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