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Recovery Disks / Partition

Hi. I'm getting a refurbished Dell laptop next week that just barely meets the Vista Capable requirements. Because of this, I'm contemplating putting Windows Vista on there just to test it out. Since it probably won't run very well, I was wondering if it would still be possible to use the recovery partition (or some ordered CDs from the Dell website) to put Windows XP back the way it was. Specifically, without having to re-register it and everything, which would be impossible since it was pre-installed. I don't want to find Vista runs horribly, only to find I can't legally put WinXP back on.
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Re: Recovery Disks / Partition


You Can Put XP Back on the Laptop, IF and ONLY IF it is the Restore CD XP and Not a Retail Version that you have used on Another PC.. This I have Confirmed From Dell Tech Support, and Their Supervisors, and From Hard Trials by Error on My Part.. But Make sure that You Have All the Drivers Needed for the Sound Card, USB, Graphics, ETC. And if Vista Fails, Use the Dell System Restore CD of XP SP2, and Format the Hard Drive, and do a Fresh Install. Good Luck

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Re: Recovery Disks / Partition

If you image a dell from the factory you should be able to do the CTRL F11 restore.

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