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Recovery Drive (D) is full error message

I keep getting an error message stating that I need to free up space on my recovery drive (D).

After looking at contents of the drive I have 3 folders ( & yes I clicked on show hidden files, folders, & drives)

2 folders , $RECYCLE.Bin, & System Volume Information are empty.

The 3rd, Recovery Image folder has one file, which is 5.8 GB

My question is how do I address this problem, & is this normal.

The computer is prone to freeze ups, slow spells, & I've heard this condition can cause problems.

We are talking about a machine with an I-7 chip & 8 gigs of Ram being used for simple task like email, quickbooks, & office tasks, so we are not putting heavy usage on it.

I did create a repair disk but have yet to make the recovery media disk(s) till I get a better understanding of what I'm up against.

Thanks for looking.


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Mary G
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RE: Recovery Drive (D) is full error message

Post your model computer and operating system. It is normal for the hidden system folders to appear empty. Make sure you did not use. add to or change the recovery drive D. That is not to be tampered with or used for backups. It was only for returning to the original factory image.

Open Disk Management to see a visual of the disk partitioning.

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RE: Recovery Drive (D) is full error message

My computer is an Optiplex 9020m with windows 7.

I have not used the D drive for anything nor have I changed anything on the drive.

At the risk of sounding stupid I could not find Disk management, maybe you could tell me how to access this.

Thanks for your help,


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