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Refresh XP, removing Ubuntu, and picking up on 2nd hard drive at same time


I have a Dell Precision Workstation 380 which has 2 hard drives, containing:
a. Drive 1:  2 partitions, with Windows XP operating system installed on partition C, and partition D used to store purely data e.g. photos, e-mail files etc.
b. Drive 2:  runs Ubuntu

When the machine boots up it lets you choose whether you want to use Windows or Ubuntu and then it goes to the relevant drive (if nothing chosen it picks Windows by default).    I believe there is maybe a ‘null’ partition somewhere which allows for the toggling between the 2 drives.

I would like to get rid of Ubuntu and change the configuration so that the 2 hard drives are used in the following way:
a. Drive 1:  denoted as drive C only, no partitions, and contains the Windows XP operating system only
b. Drive 2:  denoted as drive D only, no partitions, and contains only data (like above).

In the past a Dell technicial came out to reinstall my operation system and deleted the 'ghost partition' which togged between the 2 operating systems which -- when the system was later rebooted -- made the machine completely inoperable so I want to avoid anything like that happening.    Would anyone be able to tell me how I can have a clean system refresh where:
a. I can reset the main drive back to precisely what it looked like when I bought the machine
b. I can detect the second hard drive and nominate it as drive D.

My entire system is backed up offsite using Carbonite and stored as drive C and D so I presume that, once the system is refreshed, that I can Restore my files and that the files which were on the old partition D would now end up being transferred to the new drive D.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Kind regards,


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Re: Refresh XP, removing Ubuntu, and picking up on 2nd hard drive at same time

Your original PC had one hard drive?

If you restore using Carbonite, it will most likely restore to just Drive #1 and create C:\ and D:\

After you restore, you will need 3rd party software to merge C:\ and D:\.  I have used Easeus.

Then you go ahead and make Drive #2 D:\.

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