Reinstallation issues with Windows 7

About a month ago, Aug 25th to be exact, I had the motherboard replaced on my Alienware M14x laptop. The service tech said that, after replacing the mother board, that he ran a diagnostic of the computer and claims all the components where working fine and that somehow the OS became corrupt. He recommended that I reinstall the OS to fix this. So, I ordered the reinstall disk from Dell because a disk never came with the laptop originally. First of all, I have Windows 7 Home Premium, and I was accidentally sent the disk for Windows 7 Professional. Before I realized this, I attempted a reinstall. What happened was, it loaded up normally, albeit slowly, and I selected my languages and settings, formatted the hard drive to start fresh, and proceeded with installation. After it finished copying files, it went to restart the computer but instead was sitting with a completely black screen. I figured it may take some time so I left it over night, approximately 8 hours. The next morning it was still black screen. So i manually rebooted the computer and it started back up and continued with the installation, then upon another restart, which I assumed was normal, it was stuck sitting on the starting windows screen, for about and hour, then brought up a screen saying that the OS was corrupt and displayed steps for reinstallation, basically everything I just did. So i removed the disk to try again and then noticed it was the wrong disk. So I contacted Dell and got the correct disk, for Windows 7 Home Premium. So as soon as I received the disk, I tried the process again, with the exact same results with occasion disk read errors upon startup.


Any one have an Idea of what is going on? Or what I can do to get my laptop working again? It has been a month and the problem started after I had the mother board replaced. Any Help would be appreciated.

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Re: Reinstallation issues with Windows 7

Run the diagnostics, see if you get any error messages.

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