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Reinstallation of Windows 7 on Inspiron N5010

In error I used an installation cd of my old Dell laptop which had XP, so ended up downgrading OS on my Inspiron N5010 from Windows 7 to XP

How can I get back to Windows 7 ? 

The Inspiron laptop did not come with a installation CD of windows 7

Plsss help

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RE: Reinstallation of Windows 7 on Inspiron N5010

Unfortunately Windows 7 OEM is not downloadable.

Your best *** is to ensure you have the latest BIOS revision for your model. A15:

Then download the Windows 10 TH2 Insider preview .iso and use it to clean install Windows 10 on your system using your Windows 7 OEM key:

Dr Philip Yip
Tech Enthusiast and Author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide

Windows FAQs and OEM Downloads

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