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Reinstallation woes, help appreciated.

Hello, I recently tried to format a laptop for my friend because it was bloated and slow. He had purchased it from me before so I am technically still the owner for licenses etc. Long and short of it is I made a mess of it. Dell Inspirion 9100 a) Didn't have xp cd. I don't remember receiving one with my Dell b) Didn't come here and read the restoration processes here first. I see where I messed up now. c) Made the mistake of treating the Dell laptop like a normal desktop reformat So, AFTER I realized to use a Dell XP key I needed a propritary version of xp home I snagged the closest thing I could find off torrent. XP home SP2 Dell retail cd (and v scanned it), Well I thought it *might* work however my key was non sp2 I beleive. When I reformatted the HD I reformatted all the partitions losing all the recovery information. So, now I have an illegitimate XP install, (although it hasn't complained yet I am sure WGA will kick in soon.) a valid key I cannot use and Ive destroyed pretty much my only hope of recovering it. While this may be a seperate issue things seem to be streaming off the HD slowly. Such as 2d apps and games. Ive installed every Driver update I could find on Dell.com that matched my model. I think perhaps a mobo firmware or ide controller is mucked up. So, thats it. What is my best course of action at this time? Any help would be appreciated. Dell inspirion 9100 Windows xp home P.S. If you need additional info just ask and I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.
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Re: Reinstallation woes, help appreciated.

I would request a Replacement Reinstallation cd and start over . . See the third FAQ at the top of the Forum page.
When you reinstall . . the first thing you should load is the Dell Notebook System Software, then the chipset driver . . after that the order of driver install is not important

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