Remove serial number from Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 OEM

Hi all,

We are purchasing Dell PCs with OEM installations of Adobe Acrobat Standard (packaged with Microsoft Office).  I am attempting to create an image based on one of these machines, but I want to remove the Acrobat Serial number, so when I push this image onto another machine, I can enter the proper serial number for that machine.

I know you can go into the registry and change the serial number, so I tried to just delete the value from there.  However, when I did this and start up Acrobat, it runs through the installation and the previous serial number is back in it's place.  I found the serial number listed in a "Repair" key as well and when I delete it from there, I have the same result, with the exception of the registry values for the serial number remain blank.  Surprisingly, Acrobat works fine even though it appears (at least in the registry) that there is no serial number associated with it.

Can anyone help with this?


-- Jamie



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