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Restore Media order for 7559

I recently ordered the restore media for my 7559. The system came with Windows 10. They sent me Windows 8.1  media. Need fhe Windows 10 media! Called support and gave up. He could/would understand me and his accent was tltally non understandable. Not used to this problem with Dell support. Tried chat and the sesion got dopped. Tried another chat and when they transferred me it was dropped again. Now for some reason I cannot find the page where I originlly the media. I would appreciate either advice on how to procede or the link to the proper page to reorder.

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Mary G
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RE: Restore Media order for 7559

You are supposed to download and create your own media for win 10. Use the Create Media tool: www.microsoft.com/.../windows10

Follow the directions carefully.

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RE: Restore Media order for 7559

On top of what Mary G stated, you can also go here and download your restore media as well.  Please note you will only get restore media (or the download) for the OS your computer came with. 

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