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Restoring OS files on an Insperion 530 (XP)

  1. We have an Insperion 530 with Windows XP SP3. The machine won't boot and gives 'load needed DLLs for HAL' error msg. We tried to start it with the recovery CD, and got to the C:\WINDOWS prompt. We tried to replace the HAL.DLL file with the command 'expand d:\i386\hal.dl_  c:\windows\system32'. The PC comes back with 'no CD in drive'. I assume the CD drive works correctly considering it booted up from the CD. On another PC, I can find the HAL.DL_ file on the CD and when I run the expand program on this PC it appears to run OK (although it ends with an error because this machine has another OS). Any suggestions on replacing this file? Also, is it possible to reinstall the OS without losing the data on the drive?
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Re: Restoring OS files on an Insperion 530 (XP)

Best option would be to run a "Repair".  Boot with the Windows XP CD and instead of installing, select the "Repair" option.  Files that are corrupted or missing will be reinstalled.  You won't lose any data with this method. 

How to run Repair

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