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Re: Restoring desktop, personal settings after XP reinstall

recovering geek,

If you didn't make a back-up of your Firefox bookmarks, I think you've lost them.  The bookmarks for Firefox seem to be very dynamic.  If you look in the Mozilla folder on your hard drive, you can't find anything that looks as if it contains the bookmarks.  This isn't the case with IE's bookmarks, which are in a folder labelled Favorites on your hard drive.  If you've made a back-up of Firefox's bookmarks previous to your computer having trouble, you should be able to at least recover the bookmarks that existed at that time.

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Re: Restoring desktop, personal settings after XP reinstall

Wow. A week later, and the machine is pretty much back to its original state -- except we can't get the sound to work (yet).

Original symptom: BSOD, unbootable. Used original Dell diagnostics CD (Dimension 310, 5-6 years old) to discover system memory test failures. Swapped in new memory (and went from 1G to 2G in the process).

Wouldn't boot with new memory (no surprise); reloaded OS (XP). During reload, was *not* given the option to repair. Did a full reload.

Some of the next steps are from trial-and-error and I honestly don't recall the sequence. The first big issue was that there was no Internet connection -- it initially appeared that the NIC card was fried, but as it turned out, several of the drivers were corrupt or in the wrong place. The Dell Drivers CD *seemed* to put them in, but the devices still didn't function -- until I went into where the driver CD had put the drivers and ran an Intel executable that magically associated them with the correct devices and enabled both the original communications card and a new one that I bought and installed.

Once a 'net connection was established, it was much easier to update the drivers for everything else that was missing.

Reinstalling programs (such as Print Shop Pro, which my wife has used forever for simple graphics) allowed us to retrieve many of the "missing" files, which simply had no executables with which to open them.

The best trick, which my wife discovered, was that bunches of files were in user subdirectories for which the users didn't exist anymore when we reloaded the OS. She found some online trick for first turning file sharing off (I'm not sure where she found this) -- but then it was possible, logged in as an administrator, to allow access to the old user files to one or more of the newly created users.

There's stuff all over the 'net about what I think is our sound card, the STAC 92xx C-major HD audio, but I've been stumped on a fix. In device driver, when I listed to include hidden devices, there was some sort of HD audio hardware shown as disabled -- I enabled it, and it installed under sound devices as IDT (IDT bought the producer of this card), but it came up with "device wouldn't start). The main symptom of the audio, aside from it not making any noise, is that the Sound icon in control panel says No Audio Device when you go to set the volume, and shows no playback device under audio.

This has been 20 hours of my life that I'll never get back. 🙂

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Jeff Hoffman
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Re: Restoring desktop, personal settings after XP reinstall

Ain't computers great! emoticon.BigSmile.title IBM and others get credit for inventing computers but it's well known that the financing came from the same folks who brought us valium!!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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