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Shockwave Flash IE Problem on Vista 64

I was surfing the Web when I came across a site that said, "You need Shockwave Player to view this." So I went to and downloaded it. However, after that, my print preview in Internet Explorer would not work--got an error message (which I neglected to write down). So I uninstalled Shockwave (or else in my confusion uninstalled Flash player).

Then I couldn't see Flash videos, so I went to and installed Flash Player 10. However, IE sites that need the player tell me it's not installed, even though it shows up in the program lists in Control Panel.

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 and a Dell Studio Quad Core SMT-117B.

Frustratingly, the instructions on Adobe's Web site say to go to a folder in System32 that does not exist (Macromed)--and I have turned on hidden folders.

I ran the install of Flash Player again after right clicking and running IE as an administrator, but that did not change anything.

Has anyone encountered this situation?





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Re: Shockwave Flash IE Problem on Vista 64

Hello virtualsalt, Adobe has not yet released a x64 version of Flash player.

If you use the x64 version of IE7, you can open web pages but not be able to view the Flash portions of the pages.

You can use the x86 version of IE7 and view all the pages normally.

I have tried both versions of IE7, and the x64 version seems slightly faster but I cannot view Falsh on web pages.

Adobe is working on the X64 version of Flash Player and it should be available soon.

Until then, I just continue to use IE7 x86.

If you choose to use IE7 x86, it can be found in the Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer folder.

Just right click on iexplore and choose Send To, then Desktop, and a desktop icon will appear where you can access the Flash on the web pages.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Shockwave Flash IE Problem on Vista 64

I am also having this problem and have set up the IE7 x86, but certain pages start another browser and the starts the 64 bit version, any suggestions?

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