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Skype won't connect and videos won't play (+ some other issues)

I have a dell inspiron 15 with 64bit windows 8.1 OS. I started to have problems like a week ago when suddenly my skype went offline in the middle of a skype call. Then I tried playing web videos (youtube) on my chrome browser and they just won't play. Everything loads and I could drag the seeker across the bar. The picture changes from frame to frame but they just won't play. I also had issues playing mp3 files on the hard drive, plus videos. I tried restarting the computer multiple times, which did no good. Then I tried a system restore. It started back up after the restore and said that the system restore was UNsuccessful. But it somehow fixed the issue for about a week. Just this morning it did the same thing again. I'm currently out of US and have no idea how to get this fixed. Oh and I did a full diagnostic using Dell System Detect (hardware + software), which indicated that the computer passed every single test. 

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