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Slow Sluggish Computer.........

I think this is where I need to post this (i hope)  I have a dimension 8250 running win xp. This computer is running very slow and sluggish, doesn't want to open web pages or anything for that matter very fast. I have deleted cookies, cleaned up the disk, reformatted....not for sure what to do next. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks


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Re: Slow Sluggish Computer.........

I'm guessing you meant to post in the Windows forum. This is the Linux forum however I would argue that this IS the right place to post since Linux does tend to run pretty well on hardware that is having problems keeping windows up to speed. You could certainly give an Ubuntu liveCD a try and see if it is any more responsive than XP.

That being said, you didn't give any specs on your system so it is hard to tell but computer slowness is often the result of insufficient RAM. When the RAM gets filled up, the operating system has to swap portions of memory out to the hard disk which is several orders of  magnitude slower than RAM. It does surprise me that you said you reformatted the hard drive and didn't get any speed boost. Usually a fresh install of windows is pretty quick. That could maybe indicate hardware trouble. Hard to tell. Might be worth it to double check that all the fans in the system are running. If the cooling system is failing then the CPU could be overheating and locking itself down to its lowest speed to avoid permanent damage.

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