Software Manager - Latitude XT running XP SP3

Perhaps a fairly basic question - what is the "Software Manager" application?  Whose application is this - Microsoft?  Dell?  Other?  Last two days I've had a pop-up window come up telling me it needed to install a CRITICAL update.  I could either tell it to do it, or click for more information.  Clicking for more information resulted in the application opening a window but not displaying the full window.  As such I don't know whose application this is, what the CRITICAL update is, or the status of the install of the update...sigh.


P.S.  Does anyone have one of these tablets (running XP) and is the performance at all what you'd expect?  I'm having a terrible time with it.  It continually hangs.  You can move the mouse but can't click on anything and then after a couple of minutes all those clicks get processed...  Looking at the Task Manager doesn't reveal any loading issue. 

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