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System Devices Problem

I am using Dell Vostro 3750 laptop with Windows 8 Pro legally fully activated.
I installed Intel management drivers with Integrated Clock service thing
I restarted computer
I encrypted Intel folder in program files, which you can do if it is only the folder.
Then I wanted to install Intel Wireless + HS bluetooth driver with enterprise software.
But I forgot to decrypt Intel folder, thus everything that Intel Wireless installation installed, got encrypted in Intel folder.
Thus enterprise and driver itself had bugs and errors, I uninstalled Wireless software and driver, but I couldn't uninstall Bluetooth software and driver that came with installation package, anyhow I couldn't uninstall it, msi file was corrupted. I removed Bluetooth software and driver installation entry from registry and all data about bluetooth, also all bluetooth files. Cleaned all left overs with registry cleaners and left over files
Anyways PC got totally clean from Bluetooth and Wireless, but I knew because of deleting bluetooth things from registry, windows will not detect the bluetooth device back, no matter how many times restart.
I knew that I have to uninstall motherboard resources and other system devices, restart computer  and it will get all devices back and detect.
It wouldn't of detect the bluetooth device back if I wouldn't of uninstalled few system devices. I remember doing this on Windows 7, but on Windows 8 I didn't leave any motherboard resource device installed, I uninstalled them all.
So I restart PC and Even System service crashes then in 30 seconds Windows 8 crashes.
In safe mode it crashes on logon screen.
I do not want to refresh PC or reset PC or fully uninstall.
I do not have any restore images manually created or automatic restore points, because I wanted to simply just make repair disc after this Wireless + Bluetooth driver and software installation
  So what I ask for is a way - as we know, windows 8 installation DVD installs all nessecary system devices for any capable PC or laptop and detects all devices.  Is there a way to restore my system devices using Installation DVD from command prompt. Or maybe you know where setup information file in Windows 8 DVD is located so that I can find a driver and use that to restore devices.
  Devcon package doesn't work, because subsystem on my windows is disabled for to use Devcon, thats why I can't edit devices like that either.
  I haven't yet tried using Directory Services restore mode, I can start and logon normally on windows for 1 min but I cannot open msconfig to do that. But I can open Command prompt, there should be a  command line to make windows 8 start in directory services restore mode on next boot.
Or maybe any other commands to restore system devices in device manager.
  Anything professional will help, please.
  If anyone of you will fully manage me to successfully resolve this, I shall spend time on Dell forums solving all other people problems, anything.. I can do for yall if you help me fix this without refreshing, reseting, reinstalling, restoring my Windows.
  When I open up system image restore, it says I have no images that I have created earlier, but I can continue to re-image system/windows, there it asks to find a driver (when you click find a driver it asks for setup information file, so there must be one on Windows 8 pro DVD), also it offers to connect to network to find drivers, but for me that is impossible. So any command line or setup information file location on Win. 8 pro DVD can help to restore system devices.  I have all diagnostic services running by default but they do not restore my system devices, as I said after about 2 or 1 minute windows crashes in normal mode, in safe mode it crashes at logon after 15 seconds