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The new format is not user friendly. Is it progress or a step backword?

I am not able to find the "vista" forum under Microsoft software and Operating...

It seems to me the forum format is no more helpful to those who own a Dell computer. Why?

What can I do?



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According to the thread in NEW TO THE COMMUNITY (the POLL thread) they are working on number of posts per page.  Probably be a situation where you as the user will be able to set the amount to 5 or 10 of whatever.  But that is a point they have sent to the IT guys and they are supposed to be working on it.



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it needs work:

- is slower than the old one

- I can't find the XPS posts only section




Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.


The vista board was merged into the Microsoft OS board along with XP and all other OS's.




Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.


The XPS Boards were merged into the Desktop Boards.

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