This copy of windows is not genuine, build 7601 / DELL LAPTOP / hard drive replacement


I had a problem with my hdd and so I made a mirror image of the drive. And then I ordered a new hdd and made a exact copy .

The new hdd , with windows 7 was corrupted  and since I was coping the hard drive that was a problem..

So to make a long story short, I installed a fresh copy of windows 7 and it put all my all files in windows.old.   It's been working fine for weeks now but now I'm getting this error. " This copy of windows is not genuine, build 7601"

I put my DELL OEM key in and  it will not accept it. It says it;s an OEM version. Since this is on same laptop with a new hdd it is legitimate and should work.

I went to this site: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/this-copy-of-windows-is


and used the Genuine Diagnostics tool as suggested, sent in the file ...but I get no response to my question

Any suggestions?

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Re: This copy of windows is not genuine, build 7601 / DELL LAPTOP / hard drive replacement

Hi JerryOS

Welcome to the Community, usually when you install an operating system the way it’s not suppose it usually gives that error message. Here is correct way to install OEM version of windows OS.

1. Power on the system and watch for the Dell logo to appear.

2. When the Dell logo appears, press the <F12> key to load the Boot Menu. If the menu does not appear, restart the system and tap <F12> several times at the Dell logo screen.

3. When the Boot Menu appears, highlight the CD/DVD drive (listed as "CDROM", "CD/DVD" or "CD/DVD/CD-RW") entry from the list and press <Enter>.

4. When the message Press any key to boot from the CD or DVD ... appears, press a key to continue booting to the DVD.

5. After Windows 7 Setup loads, confirm the Language, Time, Currency and Keyboard Method settings are correct then click next.

6. On the Windows 7 Installation page, click Install Now.

7. Review the terms and click I accept the license terms to proceed.

8. On the which type of installation do you want? Window, click Custom (advanced).

9. On the Where do you want to install Windows window, make sure the largest Primary Partition or Select the partition where it was installed before then click Next

10. The Next couple of screens allow you to personalize and customize Windows 7.

11.  Once you see the Desktop, you are ready to move on to the next step.

** You can also click on this link to find out how to install the drivers for the system.  (http://dell.to/t9hgub)

**  Make sure that you FIRST BOOT is to the CD/DVD Drive

Hope this helps

Thank you

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