Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

I recently bought a dual core (T2500) Inspiron E1505. It's OK.
It's quite a bit bulkier than I expected and will never be a
match for the MacBook Pro, but it all seems to work. (Note the
distinct lack of enthusiasm here.)

My biggest complaint is that there is an unbelievable amount of
preinstalled glop on the machine. Isn't there a way that we can
buy machines with just the operating system and not all of this
unwanted stuff? I'm still cleaning out the Registry, the Temp folders,
and the Application Data subfolders to get rid of it all. I have
no need for a 60 day trial of PaintShop Pro -- either give us
the real software or just put a coupon on the machine.

Also, it's almost impossible to *completely* remove the McAfee stuff.
I run the ZoneAlarm suite on my other Windoze machine and don't
want to deal with another vendor's products and updates. My ISP
and mail program already have spam protection, so I don't need the
McAfee version, too.

All of this unnecessary stuff just degrades the performance of the
Inspiron E1505. There are so many extra processes running
that it slows down the machine significantly, and makes for a very
slow startup process. If I wanted something this slow, I would have
stayed with my old laptop (a Latitude D600).

Am I the only one who is dissatisfied with all of the preloaded stuff?

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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

Many people including myself hate the pre-installed software crud.  I tried cleaning it up and ended up reformatting to get the desired results I wanted. Good luck
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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

Below procedure will provide a faster boot up, and eliminate wasting memory on programs that are not in use at this time……

Start Up Programs:  Click on START, Click on Run, than put in the box MSCONFIG Click OK.  Now you are in the System Configuration Utility Program.  Click on START UP you see on top.  Uncheck the programs from here that you do not want to installed at boot up, leaving the anti virus, and any third party firewall.  You can always go back into this program to restart them.  They will not be uninstalled.   Click on APPLY, than it will ask you if you wish to reboot the system.  Do so.  After it boots up again, you will be presented with another window from the System Configuration Utility Program telling you that you have made an adjustment.  If you don't want to see this pop up each time you boot up, put a check mark in the little box in the lower left corner of this announcement.

http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php  Link to a site that can explain what you have starting up, if you do not already know, and which ones you can safely un-check.  It’s a long list.

You can uninstall many of the unwanted programs from the Add/Remove program.  This will help, but unfortunately, it will leave behind some unwanted registry code that will still mess up the system from time to time.

As trev_w suggested, and if you know how, reformat, and reinstall windows xp.  Yes, you will loose the Symantec restore utility, but I rather, and many others will agree, have a clean install without all the Dell garbage.  If you did not get the Operational CD with the system, you can try and call Dell up and get the OS CD mailed to you before any such reformat and reinstall.

http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=sw_mediaexp&message.id=2495     How to get an OS CD

http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/kb/en/document?dn=1090151&c=us&l=en&s=dhs...  How to use the Symantec Restore Utility and to make a copy of the operating system

http://www.djdenham.com/Install%20Procedures.htm  How to reformat, and reinstall windows from dennys site

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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

I know perfectly well how to improve the startup speed and to prevent
all of those processes from loading at run time. I also know how to
remove all of the garbage that Dell preinstalls.

But that's not the point. The point is that it's all there, and that
there is no way in the US ordering process to say that you don't want it.
That's the case whether you order online or from a sales person, unless
you are making a large quantity corporate purchase, in which case you can
get the image the way you want it on numerous machines.

In other countries, you can also get Linux preinstalled. Not in the US,
because Dell is mostly in Microsoft's pocket. Indeed, Microsoft has
amazingly said that it should be impossible to sell a PC without Windows
preinstalled. I'm sure that the population of Brazil, India, and China
would just *love* that.

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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505


Isn't there a way that we can buy machines with just the operating system and not all of this unwanted stuff?
* No. Dell makes agreements with those software manufacturers to load the software. You have the option to remove it or reinstall the operating system clean.

Also, it's almost impossible to *completely* remove the McAfee stuff.
* Incorrect.

* Power the system off
* Power the system on
* At the blue Dell, tap F8 to bring up the Windows boot menu
* Scroll to and select Safe Mode [Press the Enter Key]
* Select the first or only operating system [Press the Enter Key]
* Click Start- Control Panel- Add or Remove Programs
* Double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon
* Click Remove a program
* Click the McAfee application you want removed (if it isn't listed, close the Control Panel and skip to number 3)
* Click the Change/Remove button
* The InstallShield Wizard dialog box, select the Remove check box
* Click Next
* If you get a window for "Remove Share Component", click "Yes to All"
* If you get a window for "Remove Share File", click "Yes to All"
* Click Yes
* When finished, close all boxes
* Do NOT restart the computer when asked
* Click Start- Find or Search- Files or Folders
* "Look In" should say Local Hard Drives
* Type McAfee [press Enter]
* Delete any/all found, close all boxes when finished
* Click Start- Run
* Type regedit [press Enter]
* Highlight My Computer
* Click Edit- Find
* Type McAfee [press Enter]
* Delete any/all found, press F3 to continue searching. Delete any/all found
* Close all boxes when finished
* Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Restart

It's gone.
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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

Maybe I don't remember correctly... but....

I *thought* Dell listed all software included on a machine somewhere during the configuration / order process. Do they still do that?

Regarding the size.. my wife has an I-6000 from her work... nice, but huge... The sizes are clearly listed in a product info. section - in case you order another notebook in the future from Dell....

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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

That is an excessively complicated procedure just to remove a single program. Personally, I'm not sure if I would bother with any of that. There's so much junk on the preinstalled Windows systems these days that I would reformat immediately. Better yet, if Dell sold PCs without Windows installed, I would be able to install my own clean version from the start or choose from a myriad of more reliable Linux distributions.
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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

My Inspiron E1505 came preinstalled with Windows XP Media Edition (whatever that is, along with the usual junk trial programs.

I'd like to reformat the hard drive and install XP Pro..but I'm scared I'll lose the drivers I need.

I don't see an option to creat a Windows XP Install disk on this 1505, though I did have that option on my Inspiron 6000. won't I need to creat that disk to get the drivers I'll need after I do a format and reinstall of Windows XP Pro?


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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505


Contact Dell at one of the links in this post and request an XP reinstallation CD.

For the excess apps on your system the utility here may be helpful.

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Re: Too much preinstalled junk on Dell Inspiron E1505

here is my laptop configuration

Inspiron E1505, Intel Core Duoprocessor T2300 (2MB/1.66GHz/667MHz)
1GB, DDR2, 533MHz 2 Dimm for Inspiron 6400/E1505
Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950 GM
60GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive for Inspiron 6400/E1505
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, English without Media, for Inspiron

I share the same concerns of removing unnecessary software from my laptop and installing linux with windows. i'm not even sure which flavour would be appropriate. Also the unnecessary partions would hinder any linux installation.

I am wary of formatting my entire HDD and reinstalling Win and Linux from scratch...although it is possible.

I checked the OS recovery procedure but to my surprise my laptop does not have the option of creating Dell OS Recovery CD in Dell Accessories. All it has is Express Service Code.
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