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Transfer of default users account in C: partition to D: partition

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Well... I asked a Dell technician to help me with moving my Users account from the default location C:/Users and eveything in it (Public and my personal folders etc) to the 😧 Partition so that the OS files are separated as they should be. He simply took over my pc and said it's a breeze - copied all the data and pasted it into the new folder in D:! I asked if it was a simple as that and he assured me that it would all be ok.

After the transfer of data he then proceeded to delete the 'old' folder in the C:. It  was then taking ages to delete the 4.5G files so he said he would sign off and all would be fine....NOT! The deleting went on for ages and didn't seem to be getting anywhere so I stopped it, had to use Task Manager, and thought it might have something to do with all the deleted stuff already in the recycle bin, so I went there (very stupid thing to do!! but I can't change the past) and deleted the files from there. I then tried to delete the folder again but again it froze during the delete process. I then chose to view hidden system files in the C:/Users/"personal folder", there was a whole lotta data there that didn't want to be deleted!

I then went online to see about Windows 7 user folders and found that hidden system files are used in vista and 7 to associate the user file with other programs etc so deleting it is not a good idea. Having done all the previous deleting I am now experiencing problems with other programs that don't wana work.

I tried to run a system restore but it stopped part way through and said that McAffee was stopping it from performing the restore. I turned it off. BUT!!! when I went back to the system restore it had made new restore points deleting the old ones so now I can't go back to before the file transfers....

The pc is a new one and I was still transferring files to it before I had the chance to do a backup. Luckily all my data is on an external hard drive already...

I think my only option is going to have to be reinstallation and starting again... I'm not too keen to give it over to another Dell techie cause I don't want any further things to go wrong.... I am an IT technician myself, so I know a little bit, but I don't claim to know it  all...!!! Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Transfer of default users account in C: partition to D: partition

Sorry for this error in posting. I didn't know that Dell does a completely different partitioning on new Win 7 computers. All new users should be aware of the new way the disk is partitioned. The Recovery partition is now completely hidden on new computers and the C partition contains the operating system and all the factory installed programs, while the D partition is the larger part of the hard drive and should be used for all personal files and program installations.

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