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Trouble with multiple programs not responding

Has anyone had any issues with programs continuously not responding?  I just received a brand new pre-loaded Windows 7 dell pc and different applications load and as soon as I attempt any action the freeze and stop responding.

The programs include everything from Media Player to Freecell.  Not sure what is going on but I'm ready to return the computer. 

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Re: Trouble with multiple programs not responding

Always include the PC model in your posts. emoticon.Wink.title

Contact Dell Tech Support asap. You only have 21 days from the invoice date (not the date you actually received the PC) to return it. Otherwise, you'll have to troubleshoot this one.

You might try the Win 7 repair feature to see if it can fix things. Or, back up personal files on external media and do an Image Restore from the F8 menu before Windows starts to load. That will reset the drive with a clean factory image, but all personal files will be lost, so you have to back up first.



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