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I would like to know where windows NT4.0 stores the information that it uses to start installers?? I believe my problem is related to a program that is trying to install. (from the internet) When I bootup the system fails to respond at all, after a timeout or something the system announces that some service could not start (service manager) and to look at event viewer for the item. Event viewer shows that something could not connect and timed out. After I close all of these windows the system is extremely sluggish. I can open task manager and Iexplore is using 40-60% of the processor. The applications window shows no programs running however. When I close Iexplore at least three times (it keeps popping up) the system will respond OK. So can anyone tell me where the system is storing the call for the program to load Iexplore on startup??? If I let it sit on it’s own for a while it will activate dialup and try to dial out. I stupidly tried to correct what I thought was the problem by deleting some entries in the registry under start but I had to do a reload to recover. (I don’t like that although it cures the problem for a while) I believe that the problem is with some website trying to download a program to my computer which I declined to accept. Something from Macromedia I think. ANY help would be appreciated. I’m lost…

Dell latitude CPM 233ST
Windows NT 4.0 Server service pack 6a
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Thank you for using Dell Community Forum.

Are you getting any error message? If so, what are they word for word?


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The value named There was no Announce in the server's Registry key LanmanServer\Parameters was invalid. The value was ignored, and processing continued.

the above from the event viewer which i have set to start at boot.

then the rest of the errors come up without any intervention from me.

first a popup that says "at least one driver or service failed to start, use event viewer to view"

i then open taskmanager to see what's running and about three instances of Iexplore.exe are running and taking 30-50% of the processor. winhelp is at 30-50% and then services is at 10-20%. also drwatson starts and then gives a "fatal error windows NT error code=87" if i close all the instances of Iexplore.exe and then services the computer will go to 98-99% idle and behave as normal.

the question is Where in the heck is the request to load all these files comming from??? Is it in the registry, and if so what allows a program access to the registry? can i prevent this from happening in the future?

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Hey Cruiser I am experiencing the same problem with a computer I am working on.  Tell me, how did you fix this problem?  Thank you for any help!
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