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Unable to access internet through Outlook Express

I have switched computers and found that this one doesn't allow me to open any internet browser's when in Outlook Express.  Several email's come through with web site's I need to access, but I'm unable.  When I put my cursor over the web address it does show up in the lower left corner of my Windows screen like it is ready to go, but it will not transfer to the internet.  I have tried everything I know about the security & internet settings, but still, no go.  Does anyone have any words of wisdom that might help me?  I thank those who do take time to read this.   Zorelk
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Re: Unable to access internet through Outlook Express

Zorelk, Try these sites for help.http://www.pcguide.com/vb/showthread.php?t=33143



Dell 2350, 768mb ram, 60gig hardrive,Maxtor 250gig external drive, zone alarm free version 7.0.483, Avg 7.5, IE 6

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