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Unwanted Windows Updates

I have an XPS 420 with Vista and I keep getting the Windows update for "Silverlight" as an optional update. I have just a home compter and have no need for this program which appears to be for developers and programmers. I have hilighted it and right clicked the "Hide Update" and then closed out the tab. The funny thing is, is that all these updates have a different KB number and of course each one is different. I was wondering if there was a simple way to keep this from showing up, the same as I do for other updates that I have no interest in, like those recent ones for Powerpoint, Office, Office Compatibility, and C++, none of which I have or have interest in.

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Silverlight is Microsoft's animated display technology... it's kinda like Adobe's Flash player, except that it's only used at Microsoft sites, such as

When you go to a site that needs Silverlight, it will prompt you to download/install it.   If you avoid ALL such sites, then you won't need Silverlight.

Since you're getting a message that there's an update for it, that likely means you've installed it (at some point).

You can either leave it there, for those (rare?) occassions when you visit a Microsoft site that needs it... or, if it bugs you that much, you can delete it from your system via Control Panel, Add/remove programs -- Microsoft Silverlight.    Once removed, it should not prompt you with the need for further updates.

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