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Updated Driver Installation Errors/Correct Installation Order - Edited to Comply

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 530 from Best Buy, running Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2 64-bit OS.  I registered my machine with Dell, and checked for Driver updates, of which there were 15.  7 of them were applicable (urgent or recommended), so I downloaded them and started to install them.  I read the recommended order for installation and followed it, but the instructions were not clear about updates for installation order of application updates, BIOS updates, SATA updates, and CD-DVD drive updates.  I did print all installation instructions for each update and followed them to the letter (until I had an error).  This was my planned order of installation:


1.  Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility release date 06/28/2007 v., A00 file name: R154069.exe

    -installation complete, without error

2.  Intel G31/G33/Q33/Q35 Graphics Controller release date 10/10/2007 v., A02 file name: R167384.exe

     -attempted installation, had the following errors:  "This self-extracting zip file is part of a multidisk zip file.  Please insert the last disk of the set."

     -I inserted the Dell Device Drivers disk (it is the only SW I have related to drivers) that came with my machine, which did nothing.  Then I had the error:  "One or more

       files were not successfully unzipped.  Error code 110."


*I cannot continue to install the drivers I need until this video driver is installed, but here is the remaining list of updates that I need to install.  If the order is incorrect, please advise me of the correct order.  I printed the page "Dell Driver install for desktops and laptops", but it only addresses the order for System Utilities, Chipset, Video, DCP, Audio, Modem, Network, Input, and "Other"*

3.  Intel 825xx 10/100 Platform LAN Connect Device release date 6/27/2007 v., A00 file name: R154739.exe

4.  Realtek ALC888 HD Audio release date 9/22/2008 v., A00 file name: R180772.exe

5.  Other (not sure what order they should be installed in):

       a.  Dell Inspiron Desktop 530 System BIOS release date 3/11/2009 v. 1.0.18 file name: 530_1018.exe

       b.  OPTIARC AD-7200S HH SATA Trayload DVD+/-RW release date 8/21/2008 v. 102A, A01 file name: R195191.exe

       c.  Intel Matrix Storage Manager release date 6/27/2007 v., A00 file name: R154079.exe

       d.  Intel Matrix Storage Manager release date 6/27/2007 v., A00 file name: R154092.exe

       e.  Sonic Solutions Roxio Creator 10 release date 8/26/2008 v. Roxio Creator 10.1 Patch 1 file name: R186378.exe

Thanks for your time!


**NOTE: These updates were posted for my SPECIFIC machine, I entered the service tag and created an account with Dell associated with it, it said for my machine there were 15 updates, for my model there were 68**


PS - I did not update the BIOS yet, only the chipset.  I was pretty sure that the BIOS should be one of the first things to update (since it is core SW), but since Dell does not seem to be very thorough with their instructions I had to ask.  Just so you know, I do have an MSCS (ironic and sad, isn't it).  However, since I do not know the details about precisely what the updates do and how they will affect all other things running on the machine (and what errrors they might cause), I figured it was better to consult people who know more about these updates, how they work, and what they do than I do.  Obviously there is something wrong with the Graphics Controller update that I downloaded, but since I do not know what's missing, nor how to obtain it, I am stuck.  Thanks for your help, Ron 🙂 



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Re: Updated Driver Installation Errors/Correct Installation Order

Edit your post and remove the service tag or your post will be deleted. This is a public forum, not Dell Support and personal info is not allowed.

All of downloads listed for your model are not for your computer. It is a general list of all possible drivers for every configuration of that model. You will not need all or sometimes any of them. You should probably use PC Restore to return to factory settings. You should not have to update any drivers on a new computer. The only thing you should do is install Microsoft Windows Updates since security updates are usually out of date on new computers. You especially should not have changed the bios.

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Re: Updated Driver Installation Errors/Correct Installation Order

It's a viiolation of the forum's terms of service to post your Service Tag number. I suggest you edit your post before one of the Moderators deletes this whole thread. emoticon.Wink.title

Don't know why the video driver won't unzip, but if it were me, I'd skip it and do the rest of them. But I'd do the BIOS update before any other drivers...


EDIT: Mary G types faster than I do. But we seem to disagree on the BIOS update...


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Re: Updated Driver Installation Errors/Correct Installation Order

If you do decide to do the bios update, I suggest doing it in safe mode. Normally we don't suggest bios updates unless it is to remedy a specific problem, it is risky business to update a bios, failure of a bios flash can render the PC useless until the motherboard is replaced.

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