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Using XP Volume License CD

We just got a batch of brand new Optiplex 760 PC's.  Our standard procedure is wipe the hard drive and do a complete bare metal install of XP and all of our software.  It seems that my XP install disk does not have the drivers for the SATA hard drive so I get a stop error when I try to use it.  The MS solution is to press F6 and put in the driver CD in the floppy drive.  Two problems I do not have a driver Floppy and there is no floppy drive on the PC.  When I use the restore CD It will of course not let me use my volume license key.  After creating a model computer I clone to the others.  I do not have the time to hand key in every product ID, and my eyes aren't good enough to even read them.  Any solutions??


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Re: Using XP Volume License CD

It would do you no good to type the COA characters from the machine label anyway.  Dell has been using SLP to automatically activate installations from Dell branded reinstallation CDs since the introduction of Windows XP.

Assuming that the OS you received with the machines is Windows XP Professional, what happens if you install using the Dell CD and put the hard drive into another computer?  The Dell CDs should already have the SATA drivers slipstreamed into them, and since they are automatically activated, you should be ok provided the hard drive is being installed into another Dell of identical configuration that is licensed for Vista (and therefore XP Pro).

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