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Vista Premium home edition no longer works

I have an older (2007) Inspiron 6600 laptop with Vista Premium on it.  Yes, I know.....  

Anyway, the other day was updating Windows and all was fine, then got the "need to reboot, delay for ___" which I promptly put in 4 hours.  When I rebooted it started doing very weird things so I closed it.  Opened and the same (gibberish on black screen, NOT the typical blue "don't turn off computer Windows is updating" screen.  Then some screen says Windows has been corrupt or something like that and it wants to be activated.  Now it wants product key.  Tried the one on the bottom, tried the one from the keygrabber; neither work.  I tried going back and restoring but was still there.  

I can got on for 'limited' use only, which is about 15 minutes and internet only.  I need help.  The original Dell disk is in my belongings stored thousands of miles away.  I am fairly certain this is not a product key issue but some files corrupted.  Fortunately, I had backed up using Windows backup the prior week. Unfortunately, it did not do an image so I have no Windows directory.  I do have one from 9 months ago.... I also have a backed up (exported) regedit.  Help!! I'm out of my wits.  I have a valid license and this is the original laptop (hard drive was replaced under warranty 3 years ago).   What to do?


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