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Vista chkdsk auto-reboot takes 6 minutes

Here's one that has both Microsoft and Dell support stumped!!


New Inspiron 1525 Vista Home Premium 2GB Ram.


The 'issue' below was evident from "hour one" (no driver updates, no software updates or additional program installs, i.e. Factory Fresh).


If I schedule a chkdsk with fix option on my system drive (GUI or command prompt initiated) once chkdsk has successfully completed it's scan, and found NO problems, it reboots the system and Windows then ALWAYS takes 6 minutes (give or take a few seconds) to load up and present the log on screen??


A normal boot/reboot with no chkdsk scheduled loads Windows in less than a minute!!


In an attempt to resolve, I did a Factory re-install from the recovery partition and still the same, so can't be a corruption issue, can it?


Go figure!



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