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Vostro 3500 Sata Driver for Windows 7 Recovery


After removal and cleanup of a rootkit our Vostro 3500 will no longer boot into Windows 7 in neither Safe mode nor Standard mode; just presenting a black screen instead of the GUI.

When we boot from the Windows 7 DVD to perform a System Recovery (Repair not restore previous image) it does not find the windows installation.

We have downloaded the Intel Storage Drivers from the Dell site, extracted the x86 variant to a USB stick and have attempted all those contained but none provide support for the storage.

Are there alternate drivers for the Sata controller, or is there a mechanism to utilise the Dell media to perform a recovery?  We cannot simply format the drive and perform a clean-install as we require data from the existing installation.  Alternatively if we should select 'Install Windows 7' from the media, does it have the functionality to install over the existing installation; thus 'repairing it' or does it delete the partition?

Thanks in advance.

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