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WIndows 7 Ultimate HELP!! Driverless!!

I just updated my laptop to windows 7 ultimate from home premium by doing a clean install so everything was wiped. i was fine with the files going but I forgot about the drivers! After I created my user I realized the fact and now I can't access the internet or do anything. Could anyone please help? I'll keep windows 7 ultimate if you can help me get the drivers back or can anyone help me in getting my old system back. The windows 7 home premium that came with my laptop.

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Re: WIndows 7 Ultimate HELP!! Driverless!!

You need to tell us what model of Dell you have otherwise we don't know what drivers you need and whether you installed the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Also is Service Pack 1 installed.

Essentially you will need to use another computer to download the drivers onto a USB stick. You will need to insert that into your computer and install the Service Packs and drivers in the correct order. For full details see my wiki A Clean Install of Windows 7.

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