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When is it necessary to do this?
Once a month?
When you get insufficient memory messages?

Try the generic Word fix. Go to Start|Find|Files or Folders. Look for When you find it (or them) delete all occurrences of the file. Restart computer. When you start Word again it will generate a new normal template and should restore the program to normal operation.

Is this the correct way to do this?
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Denny Denham
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You apply that fix only when you are experiencing problems with Word which cannot be corrected using other methods. If is not something you do routinely as a part of scheduled maintenance.

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You do not state the version of Word you're using but shown below is the procedure for Word 2000.  It should be basically the same for other versions except possibly 2002.

1. Close Word.
2. Click Start/Run.
3. Make sure Windows Explorer is set to "Show all files." In Windows 98 this option can be selected by enabling "Show all Files" in Start/Settings/Folder Options/View Tab/Files & Folders/Hidden files.
4. Click on Start/Find/Files or Folders. Type in the Named box. The Look In box should read C:\
5. Delete the file(s) found.
6. Reopen Word. The file deleted will be rebuilt automatically to the default settings. If you have made changes to the template file, such as macros, they will have to be re-entered.

A new file will be around 24-26Kb. A file that reaches a size of hundreds of Kbs will eventually cause problems.

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Re: WORD 200 error

I'm using Word 2000 with Windows 98se. I think I have corrupted my template as I can't exit Word without an error message "Cannot exit Word. This file in use by another application (C:\windows...Template\ I've read all the messages about renaming the file. When I try and do that I get a message "Cannot rename Normal: access is denied" I click OK and my Template window appears with all my templates listed, including I can eventually exit Word but I have to cancel out several windows relating to the that keep popping up.

I'm a novice--any help appreciated.
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