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Wanting to reinstall Dell XP on another computer

So, I have two dinosaur Dell desktops.  One is a Dimension 3000 and the other an 8400.  I only have the Windows XP disc for the 3000 one and I am wondering if I could reformat the hard drive on the 8400 and reinstall XP using the disc.  Would everything be okay, provided I back up the necessary driver files on a flash drive?  I have the CD key or product key (whatever it's called).  Would any other kind of alphanumeric number be needed?


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Thank you for writing us!

Both the systems will need individual product keys .The Operating system might install,however it will not register and hence you will not be able to use it .

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Dell Windows XP Reinstallation CDs use Dell OEM SLP activation. The CD inputs a 25 digit product key which results in offline activation if and only if the system has a valid Dell BIOS.

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