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What is going on?

I keep getting the message "missing operating system". It was working fine yesterday and all of the days before that. I restarted my laptop twice & ran diagnostics twice. There are no error messages. Please help.


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RE: What is going on?


Please provide the system model and the installed operating system when posting issues to the forum boards. 

Try the steps below.

The Master Boot Record (MBR) is a section of the hard drive that is used by the PC to start the Windows operating system. If the MBR is corrupt, the PC will not start. The Windows Operating System Disc (OSD) provided with your  notebook PC can be used to repair the Master Boot Record (MBR). Follow the steps below carefully to repair the MBR.
Insert the Windows Operating System Disc into the optical (CD or DVD) drive.
Press and hold the Power button for 5 Seconds to turn off the PC. Then press the Powerbutton again to turn on the PC.
Press the Enter key when prompted to Boot from CD.
From the Windows Setup Menu, press the R key to start the Recovery Console.
At the C:\> prompt type FIXMBR then press the Enter key to continue.
Press the y key then press Enter when asked if you want to write a new MBR.
Once the MBR is successfully written, restart the notebook PC by pressing the Power button.

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