Which Programs Should Keep on my Computer???

I have been cleaning up all unused programs on my computer (laptop).  I came across some that I don't know what the heck they do, so before uninstalling them I thought I'd ask everyone their thoughts.  Now I know from the list below that I should probably keep Macromedia Flash & Shockwave Player for web browsing and such.  But if I already have a media player (Windows Media Player), do I really need the others.  Also, there are a couple listed below that I don't know where they came from (probably some other software) or what I would use them for.   Please note most of them listed below have a last used date of August 2003.
  • Surfer Network Player
  • Real Player (hate it, annnoying pop-ups are aggravating)
  • Quick Time
  • Viewpoint Manager
  • Web IQ Client Software
  • WebCyberCoach 3.2 Dell
  • Dell Modem-On-Hold (I have a wireless card which I use at home and at work I have a direct hook-up to my internet)
  • Macromedia Flash Player
  • Macromedia Shockwave Player

So if anyone has suggestions of what to keep or uninstall it would be appreciated.  I just find my laptop is running very slow opening up software or web pages. Have just finished a disk cleanup, and currently running defrag and then a quick virus scan and that should be it.



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Re: Which Programs Should Keep on my Computer???

heres the ones to definitely keep, flash player and shockwave player because certain sites like you tube, games, etc wont work right without them. all the rest if you dont use them and your sure youll never need them again you can uninstall them. the other 2 real player and viewpoint you can remove them only if you dont use aol. if you have aol and remove them they will be reinstalled again automatically by aol. you can also keep webcybercoach by dell or if you dont like it you can download and install dell support 3.2 version. i have it on all of my computers and it works just fine. hope this helps you.


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