Who knows the reason of this?

Today I wanted to send it to our customer, but it viewed a message: Project cannot recognize this file format. Do you want to open this file as text only? Now I don’t know what to do, I need to send it up to end of the week.

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Re: Who knows the reason of this?


It would help the community in resolving the message if you post the file that you are trying to open.

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Re: Who knows the reason of this?

You may easily re-create a completely new file from the severely corrupted/bloated file:

  1. Open a new blank project file 
    2. Go to Insert/Project and insert the problem file.
    3. Select the first task, which will be the insertion point summary line.
    4. Go to Project/Task Information/Advanced tab.
    5. Uncheck the "Link to Project" button and hit "OK".
    6. If the file isn't already expanded, expand it.
    7. Select all tasks below the top-level summary line.
    8. Outdent the selected tasks.
    9. Delete the first task, which previously was a summary line.
    10. Save the resulting file.

Sometimes even the best methods can't work, then see microsoft project repair tool

Then Google is your friend or Yahoo.

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