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Win 7 Prof 64 bit recovery mode no usb keyboard or mouse

Not sure where to post - hardware or Windows! Have searched here and found nothing of use. 

Have Dell XPS 8700 which came with Win 8.1 Removed that and installed clean Win 7 Prof. 64bit. No problems installing and indeed the PC works fine. However, as I have been installing software I have made several system image backups to a 2nd internal drive just so I could restore to a perfect state if I ever needed to.

Came to need to restore from the latest system image. Did Control Panel, Recovery, Advanced, Restore from previously saved System image. Machine reboots, but when the System Recovery Options screen appears, I find that the mouse and keyboard no longer work.

Tried booting from the Win 7 Installation CD and the same thing - mouse/keyboard not working. No lights. Nothing, just like they are not there.

Have Googled and found several pointers, but none work.

1. Make sure they're plugged into USB2 ports, not USB3 as no support for 3 in Win 7. - Yes, in the USB2 ports.

2. Try all USB ports. Yes tried that.

3. Wait 15 minutes for it to load drivers. Tried that.

4. Check BIOS for Legacy option - yes it's in Legacy not UEFI. 

5. Check USB options are on. Yes they are. Found an Enhanced USB Boot option, so tried it enabled and disabled with no joy.

6. Changed Boot order so that USB boot choice came after all the others as one suggestion was that it was trying to load something from USB and hence screwed the mouse/keyboard.

7. Use a PS/2 mouse/keyboard. Unfortunately no such ports on PC.

8. Unplug/replug them and Windows will rescan for them. Doesn't work!

All these just result in the light on the mouse going off once the Windows setup starts to load. What I don't understand is that when I installed Win7, mouse and keyboard worked fine and there were no critical drivers that I had to load. 

If I restart the PC (forgetting about trying to restore/repair) it boots fine and the mouse/keyboard work and can quite happily use the PC as normal. At this stage there is no real reason to do any repair or System recovery as the machine does work normally BUT now I know that it doesn't work on a repair/restore, I want to fix the issue rather than wait until the computer really does die and locks me out of any kind of restore!!! I just cannot believe that something as simple (and critical) as a USB keyboard / mouse can fail to work. It's not like they're new technology!

Any suggestions please. I am also a peeved that even when you take great care to diligently backup, Microsoft somehow manage to screw up the recovery process rendering a perfectly good PC useless.

Thanks in advance, hoping there is something simply, perhaps in the BIOS that can be done.

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RE: Win 7 Prof 64 bit recovery mode no usb keyboard or mouse

Same problem here with the no keyboard or mouse in Dell's Backup and Recovery application. This is on a T7610 that we did not downgrade from Win8, but yes we are running Win7 64 bit. I notice this problem does not occur on all our Dell PCs - only some.

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RE: Win 7 Prof 64 bit recovery mode no usb keyboard or mouse

And although I dont have a PS/2 mouse on hand, I did try a PS/2 keyboard but it was no better.

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