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Windows 10 S Automatic Repair Loop

So I just had this problem.

I just left my laptop for 30min. with no app or window open...just my desktop and i come back to automatic repair loop.

i tried everything from command prompt, F8 or F12 start up, tried fixing up my BIOS, tried resetting my computer to wipe out everything but it keep saying error, etc...

It wont read my hard drive when we try to reboot it with that but when we used command prompt to check if the hard drive was broken or damaged...it read it just fine and says everything is ok.

so im not sure whats going on...

Dell isnt helping either because they wont let mw download Dell OS tool because my windows version is 10 S and they dont support that..

someone please help me....

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RE: Windows 10 S Automatic Repair Loop

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Version 1709 from Microsoft lets you download a multi-edition installation .iso which contains Windows 10 S. See here for more details:



Dr Philip Yip
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