Windows 7 ActiveX and Dell MyDownloads

I recently purchased a Dell XPS16, I chose the windows 7 home because I already have a few product keys for windows 7 professional through academic alliance with MS. So the first thing I did is wipe my HD of the bloatware and installed a fresh windows7 pro.

I then wanted to install the software I received from dell for my BD player and saw the paper that said to go to http://downloadstore.dell.com/media site to download the software. But when I went there the ActiveX control would not download, install, and run. I then went to PC pitstop to test my activeX and it said that my browser did not support activeX and to use IE. The only problem was that I was using IE8. I played with my IE8 security settings and tried multiple work around including resetting IE8 and reinstalling it.

Has anyone seen this problem before and know how to fix it? Is there another way to access the software that I received from dell aside from the download site?




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Re: Windows 7 ActiveX and Dell MyDownloads

Anyone? still having this problem...



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