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Windows 7 Libraries: file management bug

Hi everybody,

I would like to discuss a bug that was already reported about a year ago, but apparently still not solved.

In the navigation pane of the start menu (top right part), you can choose to put shortcuts to documents, music, pictures and videos. Clicking on one of them redirects you to a certain Libraries subfolder. If you open a folder in that manner (let's say My Documents), you will notice some strange things when editing the contents. For example: deleting a file moves the file to the recycle bin, however the link stays visible inside the folder until you hit the refresh button.

I haven't found a way to solve this yet, but I have a workaround: You can put shortcuts in the upper-LEFT side of the start menu by hitting ''pin to start menu". The actual folders to apply this on are usually on the C:-drive: C:\Users\... Of course, you want to remove the links on the upper-right side of the start menu (by right clicking the start-orb on the task bar), and you don't want the list of recent programs to be too long (because this could cause a very large start menu).


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Re: Windows 7 Libraries: file management bug

Thanks for the info but nothing we can do about it here.  That is something Microsoft would have to address and fix if they wanted to.  

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Re: Windows 7 Libraries: file management bug

I recommend you to take a look at this file management software. You can set up your own file server for managing and sharing files through web browser. It's like DropBox but self-hosted so that you can keep all your confidential files on your own server. The web based UI looks and feels like Windows 7 Explorer. It offers features that are not possible with a FTP server such as zipping files, downloading multiple files and folders in single download etc. It's also easier to set up and administrate than a FTP server.


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