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Windows 7 Won't Clean Install


When using the Dell provided reinstall DVD (that came with my pc in 2010) for Windows 7 Home Premium, at
one point in the clean installation attempt on a new hard drive, I get:

"Windows setup could not configure to run on this computers hardware."

Here's the details, and what I've done:

Dell Studio XPS 8100
purchased 10/18/2010
Windows 7 Home Premium installed on 1 TB Seagate HD MFG date 9/14/2010, ST31000228AS
SATA Mode came set as RAID (only other choice is ATA)
Seagate HD also set as RAID ((only other choice is ATA)
Windows 7 SP1 was later installed via updates

I'm trying to clean install on a new Western Digital hard drive, using the non-SP1, Windows 7 Dell provided DVD.

When I search "Windows setup could not configure to run on this computers hardware.", I find this:


My problem is number 2, below (and maybe number 1, also):

This error can occur when you try to install Windows 7 or Windows Server
2008 R2 on a system if the following situation is true on your PC:

1) You are installing by using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM media.

Note: Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1
are not affected by this issue.

2) Your system has an Intel storage controller that is configured to "RAID"
mode in the BIOS. (This is a standard setting for many PC manufacturers)"

I thought I'd just get a copy of Windows 7 with SP1 and activate it with the Dell COA product key.  I used HEIDOC and downloaded a copy of Windows 7 SP1, but it would not install, either.  It would not accept the COA product key, nor the slmgr.vbs /dlv reported product key or installation ID.

So I called Dell,  gave the Dell rep the product key and he said they had no record of it.  Geezzzzzzzzz.  It's on the COA sticker.

Next I hoped to get an updated driver, or a DVD of Windows 7 with SP1 from Dell.  But the Dell rep said that since the machine was out of warranty (I insisted we were talking about
software, or a driver that would work), he had two solutions.

First, I could purchase a 1-year contract that would cover all software on
all machines, for $239.

Second, I could purchase a one time 'fix' for $129.  This fix was good for
three days.  If once fixed, something went wrong in three days, they'd fix
it.  A three day workmanship guarantee?  And what if you can't 'fix' it?
Oh, don't worry, sir, we can.  But if we can't, it's no fix...no pay.

I'm still laughing.

Bottom line on all this,  I can't use the Dell provided DVD to do a clean install on a new hard drive.

I worked around this by finding an old Seagate hard drive, circa 2007, 320 GB, and used the Dell DVD to install Windows 7.  I then went to Microsoft and downloaded SP1, and IE11, and installed in that order.  I am now going to try and clone this 2007 hard drive to the new Western Digital 1TB hard drive.

I'm really disappointed with Dell, my pc provider of choice since 1994.  I will be looking at other manufacturers for my next buy.  HP, IBM, Asus, etc.

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