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Windows 7 to windows 8 re install XPS 17

Hi i have the windows 8 preview and am trying to re install windows 7, as windows 8 is just annoying as it freezes and crashes loads. I have tried the local data recovery system but that will not work as i am on windows 8 and dont want to reinstall windows 8, I have also tried pressing F8 just during bios and before loading screen in order to the local recovery to work, no hope there either. 


Yes I was a tool and completey forgot to have 2 partitions in stead of one (One windows 7 and one 😎 as well as forgetting to backup windows 7 first. 

Thanks, in advanced Sam

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Re: Windows 7 to windows 8 re install XPS 17

You will need to use a Dell Reinstallation DVD or a Microsoft Windows 7 retail .iso and phone activation.

Any change to the OS and/or partitions makes the Dell Factory Settings completely redundant and they will not work as you are experiencing.

Please see my two wikies A Clean Install of Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Downloads.

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