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Windows 7 with Dell Studio 15 - Screen, sleep problems, fan always on

Hey, I have been having lots of annoying problems on my Dell Studio 15 lately. I sent my laptop into Dell to have my LED fixed and ever since I've been getting problems from my OS(Windows 7, not originally installed on computer). My fan is constantly on, ever since a Dell representative prompted me to install the A09 bios to fix my sleep problems (still persisting), my laptop fan is always on. Whether running lots of process or barely any - the fan is loud and annoying. Furthermore, it seems like the brightness on my screen has become substantially dimmer when my laptop is not plugged in. Any ideas on how to fix these? Thanks a lot.

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Re: Windows 7 with Dell Studio 15 - Screen, sleep problems, fan always on

I don't know if you actually need the A09 to run Windows. If not, go back to an earlier version. If you have an Nvidia GPU, get the latest driver, 195.62, from the Nvidia site. This may help the fan.

The screen brightness can be adjusted in the Power Settings. The sleep performance can also be set there.

You should always check here for answers to these types of questions before going to the Dell guys. 

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