Windows 8.1 Incompatibility

after upgrading to Windows 8.1 on my Inspiron 15 computer, the Dell Back Up and Recovery app reports an incompatibility. Does anyone know anything about this?

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RE: Windows 8.1 Incompatibility

Hi  jerrysr,

When the Operating system is upgraded to 8.1, even the Dell Back and Recovery application must be updated to the latest in order to maintain compatibility and full functionality. Version 1.0.0.X and 1.5.0.X is not compatible with Windows 8.1.
Open the DBAR application and from the homepage, click on the question mark in the upper right corner and then click “About”. The version number will be displayed in a pop-up window.

Open the Dell Back and Recovery application and click on update. Click ‘Check Now’. If the installed version is 1.0.0.X and 1.5.0.X, the options to update the software is provided.

Depending on the version of DBAR installed, you may have to perform the above steps more than once in order to install the latest version.

If the version installed is 1.0.0.x, you will have to update to version 1.5.0.x first, and then to 1.6.x.x. Find the link below for version 1.6.X.X download:


Revert for further queries.

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RE: Windows 8.1 Incompatibility

I did update to Windows 8.1 (XPS8700).  I cannot open DBAR no matter where I try to open it.  By the Tile, by the Icon in the Customize Window which is now yellow with an exclamation Mark on it.  When I try to open DBAR I get a window that opens that has 2 choices....(1) Get help Online (2) Run the program without getting help.  When I click Get help Online the site that opens is useless.

I don't have anyway of know what will take place if I select Run the Program without getting help Online.  Will it, (1) just replace DBAR 1.5 with the version 1.6 (I confirmed I am running 1.5 and have determine from this Post it is not compatible with Win8.1) ?  Or will it replace the Dell Factory Image on my HDD?  Once pressed I may have no choices and it may be too late to stop or reverse....so I only want to proceed knowing exactly what will take place.  The Posts I have read say you open the Program, once opened you go to the "?" in the DBAR Window and click check for Updates....I can't do that!  That would make this all easy because I would be certain all I am doing is Updating the DBAR Software. 

Here's another issue, if I ever get to update DBAR to 1.6.....and re-do the Dell factory Image on the Flash Drive....is it (1) doing a Backup of the dell Factory Image that was Windows 8.0, or, is it Backing up the Factory Image with 8.1?????  My guess, and hate to guess, it is still backing up 8.0...so if you needed to Re-install the original Dell image you would be re-install the image with the original Win8.0...and than Update it to 8.1 thru Windows Update....but again...not sure.  Answers would be good.

I also read that if, when, or how....I get DBAR updated my Dell Image Backup I backed up to a Flash Drive when Win8.0 was installed will no longer work with 8.1...and that will need to be re-done. 




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RE: Windows 8.1 Incompatibility

It will only restore to 8.0, you can make an image of 8.1 with it but only if you pay for a premium version.

I would recommend using a free Acronis variant such as Acronis WD Edition or Seagate DiscWizard with a WD or SeaGae external hard drive or similar programs such as Macrium Reflect.

DBAR and Dell Factory Settings are far too unreliable.


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RE: Windows 8.1 Incompatibility

I have read several Posts entered by you and know you have a good working knowledge of DBAR....and I thank you for your reply.

DBAR is a bite of a challenge.... 

Is this how it works?  Instead of DBAR opening, you get the little Window that gives the 2 choices, get help online or run without getting help online?  I had read that to update 1.5 to 1.6....you open DBAR and after its open you go to a menu and click Update.......and I can't do that.....so this small Window opening is confusing. 

If I click on Run without.....is it just going to Update 1.5 to 1.6?

Then, after it updates to 1.6....the new image that it will burn is another copy of the original  Dell Win8.0 Factory Image because the image I now have on a Flash drive of the Dell Win8 Factory Image....was of course done with DBAR 1.5 which is not compatible with Win8.1?

The Dell factory Image has not been altered its still 8.0...and will always Remain 8.0.  If a Restore is required, you would need to Restore from the Dell 8.0 image and than update to 8.1. 

I may well follow your advice and dump DBAR but  first I would like to get thru this process...at least once; Thanks


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RE: Windows 8.1 Incompatibility

Since you updated to Win8.1 prior to updating DBaR to 1.6, the bet thing to do would be to go to control panel, uninstall DBaR and reisntall the latest version from www.dellbackupandrecovery.com.  This should take care of most of the issues you mentioned.

Dell stores the original factory image in the recovery partition on your device.  Therefore, restoring your system to the factory image, whether you do it from the DBAR app, the boot menu, the recovery media you created, or a bootable backup... it will always restore the original factory image (Win8 in this case.)  If you like DBaR and want the ability to do full system backups at any time, you can purchase the premium version from within the app to get this and many other usefull features as described on the upgrade page in DBaR.



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