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Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 - How?

I bought a new computer for my dad (80yrs old), his old computer was XP operating system. He cannot figure out how to use Windows 8, it is much to different and complicated from his old system. I know that Windows 8 pro is downgradeable. How can I downgrade a Windows 8 Home?

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Re: Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 - How?

"How can I downgrade a Windows 8 Home?"

Purchase a Windows 7 license.

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Re: Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 - How?

Hello Notek5150,

As you have rightly said, Windows 8 Pro can be downgraded to Windows 7. However, the option for downgrading Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 is unavailable. Hence as theflash1932 has said, you would have to get a retails version of Windows 7. 

**NOTE: It is advised to create the recovery disks for Windows 8 before installing Windows 7 for future references.  

Hope this helps!

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Re: Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 - How?

The Windows 8 UI is pretty awful on non-touchscreen PCs.

To downgrade you would need top purchase an additional Windows 7 Home Premium license which can be costly.

My Windows Reinstallation Guide will instruct you in how to perform a clean installation of Windows 7: 

Before committing to a complete clean installation and spending money on an additional license. You should consider installing some free 3rd party addins. This will restore the lost functionality removed from Windows 8. Due to popular demand there is a note on page 1 of this guide linking to the section on Desktop Enhancements for Windows 8.

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Re: Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 - How?

Your Dad should be able to use Win 8 in the Desktop mode and ignore the Metro mode. It is really not that different from XP. Many at our retirement community have made the switch with little problem.

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Re: Windows 8 Home to Windows 7 - How?

Adding to what KirkD mentioned, have you tried one of the apps that makes Windows 8 look like Windows 7? Start8™ for Windows® 8 is very popular. I think it is $4.99, but people who are using it seem to think it is worth it. Others in that article are free.

This excellent video by Dell may also help. I've printed that chart for children learning Windows 8.

 If you still want to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Pro, here is some information from PC Mag to consider:,2817,2417359,00.asp

Also please review Dell info and Microsoft Downgrade Rights.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you need additional information.

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